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Sleepaway Camp (1983) Screening & LIVE Commentary W/ Felissa Rose & Dave Sheridan
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Nostalgic Nebula presents Sleepaway Camp (1983): Commentary Edition with star Felissa Rose & Horror Fiend Dave Sheridan  


Join Felissa Rose and Dave Sheridan on April 13th at the Gardena Cinema for this special screening of Sleepaway Camp as they provide LIVE commentary during the film, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the production, hilarious anecdotes and cinema secrets.  


Stick around after the show for an opportunity to meet Felissa and Dave who will be attending as "Ronnie the Camp Counselor", get autographs, grab some prints and other killer merch!  


7:00 - VIP Doors  

7:30 PM - GA Doors  

8:00 PM - Film 

9:30 PM - Meet-and-greet w/ Felissa & Dave 


VIP ticket holders will receive one (1) special edition Sleepaway Camp poster and will be able to enter the theater starting at 7:00 PM. This time may also be used to choose your seats early close to Felissa and Dave. 

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